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Eyes in the Dark 7.
Just a quick little Eyes in the dark comic, honestly it is here just to add something new while I finish the more complex and time consuming pieces. Still I hope you will like it. PS. No this was definatelly not inspired by me changing a little bulb last week, no nope.
Desert and Ocean - new version
And here as always is just the new version. And yes I am fully aware of that line going through the middle which is terribly distracting. I will try to get rid of it later. And yes it is because I was too lazy to look for an A2 paper and I just bought two A3 sheets and glued them together on a cardboard.
Desert and Ocean - New vs. Old
Well after a long wait that nobody was doing, since nobody knew what I was working on here it is. An A2 acrylic new version painting of one of my more simple childhood drawings from my old book of drawings. This took me almost three weeks to finish but it was honestly very nice and refreshing to paint something in full color and bigger size for a change. I will be later switching the new version painting to a better image since it is just a simple photo with not too much detail, but I do not have big enough scanner nor a good camera available now, soo in the future you can look forward to a better resolution and higher quality Picture. So hope you like it, the full new version will be the next submision. Feedback is as always appreciated or if you want to make up a story of this Picture, go for it.  Enjoy.
Golem Page 9.
We are almost at the tenth page. Once again I have planned this comic to be no longer than 10 pages but the way the story goes, it will probably be more than 20 pages long. Oh joy :D But seriously, I hope you all enjoy this page. As always any feedback is greatly appreciated.

R u l e s

1. Write 13 facts about yourself

2. Answer the 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer

3. You have to tag 13 people

4. You can't say you don't do tags

5. Tag-backs are allowed

6. Journal entry is required


Well I got tagged again by,:iconwickedsoulda: thanks dude. Btw I also tagged you, so get to work on those questions :D Just kidding, it is not obligatory.


So I will skip the 13 facts, since I already did it for my first tag and I am not sure if I can come up with more facts that won’t be absolutely boring :D

And thus I go right into the question part:

  1. Justin Bieber or Bella Swan? You have only one bullet

Bella Swan. Her Character is one of the worst insults to imaginary characters and female characters in any form of media. Seriously she is probably the worst thing about those movies, has a personality of sawdust and is pretty much a horrible role model for every girl that would watch it. Plus Justin Bieber might be a douchebag but I got to give him some credit, he worked on himself, can play few instruments and actually sing. So I give credit, where credit is due.

  1. Are you a lizard?

Oh no, I am not. I enjoy cold too much to be a lizard.

  1. Coke or Hroin...I mean pepsi!

Sprite J I do not really like Pepsi or Coca Cola that much J

  1. Do you smoke?

Yes. For almost ten years now. I am not proud of it, but it is a vice that is hard to quit. Plus, I do not want to quit.

  1. Do you want a tattoo?

No I don’t. I do like to design tattoos (my father has one of my drawings as a tattoo) and I do find the art of it fascinating and beautiful, but I do not want any tattoos on myself.

  1. Favourite band?

There are plenty, but I do like the band Disturbed the most.

  1. Your best moment?

My father told me for the first time that he was proud of me.

  1. Your worst moment?

I have failed my best friend and lost her because of that. She trusted me and I have failed her.

  1. Ever punched someone?

I do not like violence, since it never really solves anything, but yes, I have been in a few fights and I had punched people although I got punched much more by others.

  1. Can I get punched?

You are a physical being so yes, you are by definition capable of getting punched. Will I punch you? No, I won’t.

  1. How to win at life?

Enjoy it no matter what. For as long as you can. And laughter, that also helps a lot.

  1. Rum + Cola? Yes or no?

Yes, why not. Although I would just drink Rum without the cola (too sweet for my taste)

  1. Are you Iluminati?

I do consider myself a free thinking individual but I am not a member of any of the many groups that collectively for the group referred to as the Illuminati :D


Ok then, here we go I hope that the answers are to your liking ;)

And I am not tagging anyone else because I have already tagged 13 people in the last tag and I am waiting for them to fill it out too.
Take care :)


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